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Fee Schedule


Fees are current as of Oct. 8, 2015
Share Checking Account Fees
Web Bill Pay for Buzzy's Share Checking (free for first 90 days of use) monthly fee of $3.95 which includes the first 5 payments, then $0.40 each payment after the 5th one
Web Bill Pay for Queen's Share Checking (billed at end of 30 day period) monthly fee of $4.95 if less than 7 payees for the month, no charge if 7 or more payees made per month
Web Bill Pay for King's Share Checking no monthly fee with unlimited payees
Returned Item Fee $30 / item
Paid Overdraft Fee $30 / item
Stop Payment Fee $30 / item
Copy of Paid Share Check Fee $5 / item

Account Activity Printout Fee

$5 / request

Exchange Member Check for Teller Check

$30.00/ item
Exchange Member Check for Cash $5/ item
Miscellaneous Service Fees
New Account Membership Fee $1
Account Reconciliation Fee $30 / hour with $30 / minimum
Account Research Fee $30 / hour with $30 / minimum
Confirmation/Immigration Letter $5
Deposited Item Return Fee $30 / item
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing) $15 / transfer
Legal Process Fee $15 / item
Collection Item $20 / item
Inactive Account Fee (after 2 years) $10 / month
Share Savings below minimum $10 / month
Account closed w/in 6 months of opening $30
Returned Mail Fee (mail sent to incorrect address) $10 / statement
Statement Copy Fee $5 / copy
Photocopy Service $1 / page
Copy of Paid Teller Check Fee $5 / check
Teller Check Stop Payment Fee $30 / item
Stale Dated Teller Check $30 / item
(lesser of $30. or amount of the check)
Teller Check Fee (made to a 3rd party) $5 / item
Money Order $1.50 / item
Special Handling Fee (after 1st notice) $30.00 per incident
Electronic Funds Transfer Fee
Returned ACH Payment Fee $30 / item
Paid ACH Overdraft Fee $30 / item
ACH Stop Payment Fee

$30 / item

Debit Card  - also accesses ATMs
Lost/Stolen Debit Card Fee $20
PIN Replacement Fee $5
Debit Card Overdraft Fee $30
American Savings Bank or Hawaii National Bank ATM Withdrawal Fee (over 10 withdrawals/month) $1 / withdrawal
ATMs other than American Savings Bank or Hawaii National Bank $1.50 / withdrawal
ATM Balance Inquiry $0.50 / inquiry

The rates and fees appearing in this schedule are accurate as of the date indicated and are subject to change. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.  Fees were in effect from November 3, 2010.

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