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The Queen's Federal Credit Union was chartered on February 25, 1944 by seven employees of what was then The Queen's Hospital in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii. The credit union was established as a not-for-profit cooperative, owned and operated for the benefit of the members. Members pooled their savings together to help others in need of loans or other services. The net income earned is re-invested back to the membership to help meet their financial needs.

Today, the credit union's mission still remains the same while servicing more than 5,200 members with total assets of over $48 million. The majority of the members are still employees of the hospital now known as The Queen's Medical Center and its subsidiaries.   You may join if you: 

Work or volunteer at a healthcare company or business in the State of Hawaii,

Are a healthcare worker in the State of Hawaii, or

Are related to or live in the same household as anyone above. 

...... Once a member, always a member!


 information last updated on October 30, 2012.

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